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Fluid Power Technology

For traditional use with digital IIoT-capable solutions

Fluid Power Technology

For your hydraulic and pneumatic systems Balluff offers innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. With various technologies for monitoring temperature, flow, level and travel as well as for intelligent position feedback, this wide range provides users with both process and service data. Whether you choose traditional solutions or wish to implement IIoT-capable applications, Balluff offers partnering support tailored to your needs from a single source.

The field of intelligent hydraulics is very broad, ranging from ultra-fast feedback in flight simulators or plastic injection molding machines to the harshest underground applications. But in energy production the watchword is high security. This is ensured by hydraulic systems using Balluff sensors, whether in blade adjustment for wind power systems or controlling steam valves on generators.

When assembly and automation technology calls for simple movements from A to B or gripping, holding, clamping or pressing in parts, pneumatic drive systems with Balluff position sensors are in demand. They stand out with simple topology construction, light and compact design and high energy efficiency, which is especially advantageous in holding or clamping applications such as on robotic grippers.