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Electronics industry

Fast, reliable and cost-effective production of electronic products

Electronics industry

Short product lifecycles, high innovation requirements and strongly networked global supply chains are important drivers of the electronics industry. Production in this environment must run as quickly, reliably and economically as possible – and with the lowest possible error rates.

The latest Balluff products help you meet the requirements of the market. They are used in the relevant topics of circuit boards and electronics production: from intralogistics and traceability, robotics, handling and assembly technology to machine vision and condition monitoring.

Many of these topics and technologies in factory automation have been among Balluff's core areas for decades. We also look forward and provide innovative solutions for today's trends, such as IIoT. This is how we support you: with a broad range of solutions for error-free and reliable production of electronic products.

Intralogistics and Traceability: High speed, high transpareny – high Quality

Continuously managing inventory and material movements while reliably avoiding errors is a challenge for companies in almost all industries.

Automated processes allow you to store even large quantities – in a shorter time and with greater precision. Smart sensors and networked systems as part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ensure efficient logistics processes. They collect data and prepare them in real time, thus providing the basis for autonomous and controlled processes.

Therefore, dynamic shuttle systems and storage and retrieval units are increasingly replacing manual storage work. They ensure efficient supply with the required goods, provide continuous operation with reliable components and guarantee high throughput. And: Thanks to innovative identification solutions with software-controlled control options, they are not only highly precise, but they also enable traceability in your production – a key factor for greater efficiency.

Assembly and Robotics: Optimized data flow and process control

Whether you bundle signals, record and track data from your assembly process, or display operating states to ensure the quality of your assembly, Balluff helps you to perform all these tasks effortlessly.

Our network blocks, for example, are designed for a decentralized system architecture outside the cabinet and as data compressors reduce the number of network nodes to an absolute minimum. With IO-Link, you use an established standard in automation for integrating a wide variety of devices. Furthermore, you are also ideally equipped for IIoT and the factory of the future.

In the innovative field of robotics, we help you to maximize efficiency and ensure high product quality with solutions that replace complex cabling, enable fast mold changes and facilitate interaction between man and machine.

Circuit Boards Production: Precision and efficiency for the core of electronics

From smartphone, laptops and TVs to vacuum cleaners, today, there is hardly any terminal device that can still be used without electronics and isn't equipped with printed circuit boards. These must be treated with great care as a core element during production. Our industrial cameras provide you with reliable quality inspections to maintain the performance of your production over the long term.

The short product life cycles in the industry require particularly adaptable production lines. Our intelligent sensors, with additional functions, such as diagnostic capability, make a decisive contribution to increasing efficiency and flexibility.

The ongoing miniaturization also plays an increasingly important role in the electronics industry. High performance and integration density in confined spaces is a must – even for printed circuit boards. This requires extremely precise sensors and camera systems in your production line. Both are found at Balluff to meet the requirements of the market.


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