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Magnetic field sensors with adjustable switchpoints

Magnetic field sensors

Available in:

2 Series

Our BMF magnetic field sensors for C- and T-slots with adjustable multiple switchpoints enable quick integration of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder drives into the machine control system.

Magnetic field sensors with fixed switchpoints typically must be manually positioned at the desired switchpoint and fastened in that position. In this case, it is sufficient to position the sensor at the approximate position and to attach it there. The switchpoint(s) are then set using the "Teach" button on the control panel.

In the simplest case, two different switchpoints on the same cylinder can be adjusted. In the IO-Link variant, it is possible to set and scan up to eight switchpoints within the sensor work area. As a result, up to eight different object sizes can be detected in, for example, one gripper, thus making the use of several conventional sensors superfluous. This means significantly more comfort for you as well as greater flexibility and cost savings.


  • Non-contacting, therefore free from wear
  • Individual setup of the switchpoints without tools
  • Applicable for cylinders and grippers with radial or axial magnetic polarization
  • Remote teaching of up to eight switchpoints via IO-Link
  • Adjustable hysteresis for each individual switchpoint
  • Extremely large 60 mm travel path
  • Universally applicable bracket for the teach-in module available
  • Status indication via multiple colored LEDs
  • Captive switchpoints even during power outage
  • Special brackets are available for other slot shapes (e.g. round slot)

2 Series

Series Slot type Housing material primary Dimension Switching output Interface Connection type Ambient temperature max. IP rating

S-BMF 203T

For C-slot and 2 switching points (teach function)
C-slot PA 20 x 2.9 x 3.6 mm NPN, PNP IO-Link, NPN, PNP Cable, Cable with connector 80 °C IP67

S-BMF 235T

For T-slot and 2 switching points (teach function)
T-slot PA 23.5 x 6.2 x 5 mm NPN, PNP IO-Link, NPN, PNP Cable, Cable with connector 80 °C IP67

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