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Digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things

Seize the opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things with Balluff

Digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things

Digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents the next level of industrial automation. Triggered by the private sector and the growing diversity of technology, customer needs and requirements for the industrial sector are growing. Customers are demanding higher productivity, greater efficiency and transparency in their production. Meeting these increasing demands necessitates the merging of traditional automation technology (OT) and information technology (IT). The IIoT is exactly what makes this possible.

When it comes to generating and transporting data, Balluff's many years of experience has led to outstanding success for their customers. On this basis, Balluff offers you a steadily growing portfolio of smart devices. Through the use of software we generate true added value for your production environment. In conjunction with our individual services you get holistic automation solutions, all with the goal of technological advancement.

Realize the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things – together with Balluff

As your automation partner we accompany you step by step on the path to the smart factory. All the while, we keep your competitive ability in view. Build on our expertise and experience; let us master the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) together.

B_IIoT – Together with Balluff you are ready for the IloT

Our portfolio ranges from IIoT capable hard- and middleware, to software and system solutions, to custom-tailored IIoT solutions. Through standardized interfaces and protocols, we ensure that you can use our solutions in your existing enterprise systems and on common platforms. And focus on the IO-Link communication standard, because IO-Link is ideally suited for the IIoT. All this makes Balluff an enabler and systems provider for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Holistic and standardized solutions in line with the IIoT ecosystem approach

The best solutions are those that incorporate different perspectives and are the result of constructive cooperation between different companies and institutions from theory and practice. This is why we focus on exchange and are involved in consortia and research associations - in line with the IIoT ecosystem approach, which involves the efficient interaction of a wide range of smart sensors and devices and different application platforms. Our open cooperation with numerous partners from a wide range of fields provides you with a holistic solution based on standardized technologies that gives you maximum flexibility in your production.

Our focus is always on finding the right IIoT solution for you. In doing so we draw on our portfolio and the network of our partners.

We rely on our many years of experience in industrial automation and are continuously developing further. And with more than 60 years of competence at the field level, we are one of the leading sensor and automation specialists. Our software experts guarantee the seamless connection of OT and IT and have experience in all common software platforms. Flexibility in the integration into your existing systems is our top priority.

We support you with our competence where you need us. We select the appropriate tools and approaches from our technology stack and thus offer you holistic IIoT solutions from a single source.

Application level:
Our experts for software development master the handling of all common development environments. Within the scope of our service blocks we offer, for example, embedded development, smart devices and enterprise web or backend integration. Of course, we also rely on open source technologies and standardized interfaces.

Platform level:
We use both proven and the latest technologies and methods to ensure the smooth integration of existing business systems into our IIoT solutions. In doing so, we ensure the highest level of security and the usual Balluff quality. In doing so, we rely on common platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine or Alibaba Cloud.

Field level:
Our broad portfolio of components forms the basis for the implementation of digitalization and IIoT solutions. As part of intelligent analyses we use both process and service data and are proficient in all common protocols and technologies, such as IO-Link, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, CC-Link, Ethernet IP.