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Tool Management

Tool identification, material flow and handling applications can be quickly and simply combined

Tool Management

RFID systems with different frequency ranges – often mixed – are being increasingly used in modern production and assembly systems. While low-frequency (LF) systems prove to be especially rugged and reliable, particularly in metal surroundings, high-frequency (HF) systems feature high speed and greater read/write distance.

Our BIS V processor unit makes multi-frequency use of a controller possible for the first time. It allows up to four HF (13.56 MHz) and LF (70...455 kHz) read/write heads per processor to be operated at the same time. So only one version is needed to automatically track and control the entire material flow without interruption.

Our hybrid read/write head for the frequency ranges 70/455 kH and 13.56 MHz opens up another dimension for you. You no longer have to choose between low or high frequency. Because with this read/write head you operate at both frequencies at the same time. Simply connect to our multi-frequency BIS V processor unit. You only use two read head inputs and are more flexible than ever.

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