Balluff bus
Balluff bus

Walk through the Balluff Demo Van to see the latest automation solutions

The van is currently equipped with demonstrations of a wide variety of sensor, networking and identification technologies covering many industries and applications.

Demo Van Schedule

  • January - February: South Region
  • March - April: West Region
  • May - June: Midwest Region
  • July - August: Central Region
  • August - September: Northeast Region
  • September: Canada
  • October - November: East Region

*All dates and locations are subject to change

Current Demonstrations:

  • Error Proofing

    Poka-Yoke Applications & Solutions

    Quality demands on manufacturers have been high for years, and the future will see those demands continue to rise. It is no longer good enough just to produce a high quality product. Expectations have climbed to a point where that high quality product also has to be delivered Just-in-Time (JIT), in the proper sequence (mainly for sub components), and provide a level of traceability that enables visibility to all stakeholders.There is no mistake - quality is an ongoing, fundamental part of any manufacturing process.

    It means continuous improvement. It also means that quality is everyone’s responsibility, it’s not just one department or only done at the end of the process. Error proofing devices, referred to as Poka-Yoke devices, such as sensors, need to be integrated into the process with complete traceability throughout. Also, provisions have to be in place to quickly and easily add new Poka-Yoke devices and additional traceability as requirements evolve.

    Error Proofing
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Continuous & End-of-Stroke Position Sensing

    When great forces and torque are to be generated, hydraulic systems are used. They enable compact design and, therefore, high power density. They are self-lubricating, robust and provide long-term stability.

    With the suitable sensors, the hydraulic systems provide solutions for almost every application. From the super-fast control in flight simulators to the most heavy-duty applications underground or in tunnel construction.

    Balluff sensors and position measurement systems are designed for this wide range of applications.

    Whether individual applications or large-scale projects, durable and robust Balluff technology supports the maximum availability of systems and supports their long service life. Balluff sensors are optimized in our accredited in-house laboratory through Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT). While doing so, the products are already subject to extreme loads during development, possible weak points are removed and a robust product design is ensured. Through extremely durable products, Balluff offers first class quality for all areas of hydraulics:

    • Products for position sensing and end position detection in hydraulic cylinders and valves
    • Capacitive sensors for monitoring liquids
    • Pressure sensors for monitoring the hydraulic circuit
    • Network and connection technology for industrial communication
    • Worldwide location with technical consulting, sales, after-sales service and spare parts supply

    Balluff works closely with suppliers of subsystems, plant engineers and research institutes to achieve this.

  • Precision Sensing

    Accurate, Miniaturized Sensing Solutions

    The increasing miniaturization of assemblies demands the smallest possible yet still high-performance components. Balluff mini sensors meet these requirements. With small dimensions and top performance, they offer a great degree of freedom in design and make possible considerably more applications. With mini sensors, users have greater flexibility.

    Miniature sensors are available from Balluff in all operating principles: as inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, capacitive and as ultrasonic sensors. Available for each sensor technology are compact inductive couplers, space-saving I/O modules and RFID in mini versions.

    The extensive Balluff product line includes mini sensors and compact connection technology which are ideally suited for factory automation - especially for robotics, handling and production lines.

    Particularly in robotics, on production lines or in handling applications, low weight is a key requirement for being able to achieve fast cycle times. Another advantage is the reduced space requirement, which increases flexibility in a tightly packed machine compartment. Balluff mini sensors guarantee high precision and reliability.

    Precision Sensing
  • Automated Welding

    Sensors, Protection & Connectivity

    Poor sensor selection costs welders in every industry increased downtime, unnecessary maintenance, delayed delivery, and lost profits. Balluff presents a complete package of welding solutions that extends sensor life and increases productivity in the harshest welding environments.

    These products have been tested in the harshest welding environments and provide significant process and part quality improvement.

    • Stop wasting sensors and destroying connectors
    • Change the paradigm of accepted high volume sensor usage
    • Reduce downtime due to sensor failure
    • Slash consumption of sensors and connectors
    • Boost profitability throughout the plant
  • System Architecture

    IO-Link as a basis for continuous process improvement

    Every manufacturing process is designed to serve a specific purpose. The actual scope of its performance, however, only reveals itself after a certain period of time. For poka-yoke, it is important whether the system can be expanded easily and updates are cost-effective. Therefore, a suitable network architecture must be selected during the design and planning phase that meets such requirements.

    Balluff provides the network and system technology utilizing of the open standard IO-Link. The distributed modular expandable technology seamlessly integrates additional devices as required. It guarantees the implementation of error prevention and traceability solutions, such as with RFID.

    IO-Link can be implemented in all common control platforms such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, etc.

  • RFID for Traceability

    Asset Tracking, e-Kanban, Logistics, Work-In-Process

    Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. It will record the history, location, or use of an item by means of automated identification. Manufacturers are facing ever increasing competitive pressure and legal requirements. The desire for visibility in the process, customer satisfaction, profits, and compliance are pushing many manufacturers to look at traceability as a long-term strategy. Manufacturers have discovered that implementing a traceability program is a proven method to meet their strategic goals.

    Provided is an overview of the four general areas where a traceability program will provide significant return on investments. Identifying your area(s) will help shape the type of hardware and software required, as well as process changes, to accomplish your goals.

    Traceabilty Implementation Areas:

    Asset Tracking
    • Eliminate asset losses
    • Increase asset productivity and maximize uptime
    • Manage maintenance and/or calibration data
    E-Kanban Process
    • Maintain tight control of in-process inventory levels
    • Implement Just-in-Time inventory flow with outside vendors
    • Automatic replenishment of line parts
    • Reduce time and potential errors when receiving components
    • Maintain high level of visibility and traceability from sub suppliers to finish product
    • Maintain regulatory compliance
    Work-in-Process (WIP) Training
    • Enable flexible manufacturing
    • Track the rework process
    • Effectively handle product recalls
  • Level Detection

    Point Level & Level Measurement Solutions

    High-quality, reliable sensors with a variety of effective detection principles open up wide-ranging applications. The extensive selection of products provides solutions for your specific requirements.

    Balluff technology has proven its ability in level detection in a wide assortment of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, semiconductor technology, hydraulic systems, and machine tools.

  • IP69K Washdown

    Sensors, Cables & I/O for Food & Beverage

    When working in automated food and beverage manufacturing segments like dairy, meat, filling and bottling, components that can survive in sanitary, hygienic and aseptic environments become necessary. Specifications for equipment look to reduce and remove areas for harboring bacteria. Poor survivability for automation components during washdown can become a major cause of downtime and lost production during changeovers and cleaning processes.

    Balluff is utilized for manufacturing automation in four distinct applications inside a food and beverage facility: process automation, factory automation, flexible manufacturing and traceability.

    • Sensing technologies like photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, and linear position
    • Industrial RFID technologies & connectivity technologies
    • Individual products with testing & ratings: FDA, 3A, EHEDG, ECOLAB
    • RFID technologies can be used to support FSAM Hazard Analysis & Risk-based preventive controls implementations