Condition Monitoring Sensors
Condition Monitoring Sensors

Continuous condition monitoring at critical positions

Unscheduled stops and faults in the production process can be avoided using the BCM multi-functional condition monitoring sensors. These intelligent sensors provide condition information which you can use to automate manual inspections. This condition data is also an important component of IIoT for implementing smart and flexible manufacturing.

Condition monitoring sensors from Balluff detect physical variables such as vibration, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure, process them and provide the desired data to a host system via IO-Link. In addition, these sensors can detect and communicate their own condition. This means you always know their temperature, number of operating hours and number of start cycles.

The standardized IO-Link protocol allows you to easily parameterize the sensors and match the processing in the sensor to your specific application. The process data structure makes it possible to freely configure and cyclically transmit up to five measured or preprocessed data points. Acyclic queries for additional statistical processing variables are also possible.

You can also use automated monitoring of measurement or processing variables to define limit values for pre-alarms and main alarms, so that the sensor generates warning messages when certain events occur.

Condition monitoring sensors from Balluff thus make an essential contribution to efficient and faultless operation of equipment and significantly increase the efficiency of the overall system.

The key benefits

  • Multiple measurements in one device: Vibration, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure
  • Integrated processing circuitry with configurable data processing
  • Configurable events and status indications
  • Quick and easy to connect, incorporate using IO-Link
  • Compact form factor