Safe I/O modules
Safe I/O modules

Use IO-Link to simply realize safety applications

Balluff's safe I/O modules combine safety and automation technology with IO-Link technology. This provides sensor and actuator signals while also being used for safety applications. With this universal interface the integration of industrial safety technology easier than ever.

Communicate safely using Safety over IO-Link

The core of Safety over IO-Link for Balluff is the Safety Hub with PROFIsafe for PROFINET. Safety switches and sensors, opto-electronic protective devices or safety command devices are fast and easy to integrate. Standard M12 cables are all you need to connect almost any safe field device.

Safe communication with the control level is via PROFIsafe for PROFINET The best part: The safety concept for your system requires only an infrastructure for implementing the industrial safety solution. Together with our safety components, this results in an all-around safe system on which you can depend.

Easy integration and control

The safe I/O modules operate in the system communication architecture on the same level as the IO-Link devices. Safety hubs and the IO-Link blocks for safety applications are connected to the IO-Link port of an existing standard IO-Link master.

In the case of the Safety over IO-Link modules, these are then configured from a central location by the controller for the respective application. Twelve safe in- and two safe outputs allow various safety components to be connected to the Safety Hub itself, including safety sensors, safety switches, safety guardlocking devices or E-Stop devices. Not only components from Balluff, but also from other manufacturers – all using standard M12 cables.

The IO-Link blocks with galvanic isolation for safety applications are controlled by an upstream safe logic unit.

Safe signal processing

With the PROFIsafe over IO-Link module you can safely process all the signals such as from switching contacts or OSSD devices. It monitors the connected sensors, transmits their status to the higher level PROFIsafe controller and can then safely turn off the connected actuators. You can also connect simple standard sensors or actuators to our Safety Hub. The IO-Link master used is a non-safety standard device which means safety-related signals are tunneled through the master and all intermediate levels up to the control level where they are processed. IO-Link masters already in the system can also be used to save costs.

Ensure error-free connection

Within the systems, the simpler the wiring, the lower the error rate. Connection concepts utilizing IO-Link offer you the simple M12 interface with 3- or 4-pin connectors. This simple connection also enables Safety over IO-Link when implementing machine safety. And safety over IO-Link saves you money: Making connections is quick and easy, uses less material and is guaranteed to be errorless.

Lower overall costs with Safety over IO-Link

With Safety over IO-Link you continue to enjoy all the benefits of IO-Link itself, because the concept combines safety and automation in one system. The safe I/O modules with galvanic isolation can also be added to the existing IO-Link topology. The savings you realize from IO-Link also extends over the entire life cycle of your machine.

Reduce the machine footprint

The intelligent expansion of IO-Link with safety functions allows for simple and safe system construction. You cut down on wiring, reduce the volume of your control cabinet and the footprint of your machine. Another benefit to you: Our Safety Hubs with PROFIsafe can be conveniently integrated. In some cases you can even dispense with a separate standard I/O hub because the Safety Hub also allows signals from binary standard sensors to be bundled.

Increase machine performance with minimal expansion

Safety over IO-Link makes it easy to extend the existing network topology because safe I/O modules with PROFIsafe for PROFInet let you connect both safety and standard components. This maintains the functionality of your system just the way you use it. And safety is ensured. This outstanding scalability means you can increase the performance of your system very quickly, since both topologies are successfully combined.

Freedom to flexibly change your systems even at the last minute

The standardization of topology and safety components means you can simply and quickly adapt your application to changing requirements. Therefore you not only meet safety requirements according to standards and norms – you also remain flexible until the last minute. You can reliably implement the wishes of your customers and still meet the delivery deadline for the machine.

Product families

  • IO-Link blocks for safety applications

    IO-Link with Safety

    Our IO-Link blocks for safety applications permit applications up to PLd/SIL2 and are equally suitable for the connection of standard commercially available binary sensors and actuators. Due to universally usable standard M12 cables, you save time and money, optimize machine design, simplify commissioning and increase rationality. In addition, you can group the machine functions and/or machine areas on a module to optimize the structural overview of the machine.

    IO-Link blocks for safety applications are remotely serviceable via the known IO-Link diagnostic tools and can be easily replaced if service is required. This minimizes downtime. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, dirt, oils, water, emulsions, mechanical stresses and more, they can be installed outside the control cabinet.


    • Suitable for safety applications up to PLd/SIL2
    • Low maintenance costs when service is needed – thorough diagnosis and simple component replacement
    • Cost savings thanks to standard M12 single-ended cordsets
    • Remote maintenance for reduced downtimes
    • Saving in blocks by grouping and standardizing machine functions
    IO-Link blocks for safety applications
  • Profisafe over IO-Link

    Safe signal acquisition and communication

    The secure Profisafe I/O module is the first to combine automation and safety technology via IO-Link. All you need is an IO-Link master to make a secure connection. Since the system is open all the way to the sensor level, you can connect nearly any safety device.

    By combining the automation and safety technology, machine protection in one system is accomplished. This is because IO-Link supplies both sensor/actuator details and secure information. With Safety over IO-Link, you get the best of both worlds. And the integration of safety technology is more easily configured than ever before.

    Parameterization is done centrally via the controller, while information relevant to safety is transmitted directly via the master to the controller. The use of Profisafe via Profinet ensures secure communication with the controller.


    • Infrastructure for automation and safety technology up to PLe / SIL3 via IO-Link
    • Low maintenance costs in case of service due to comprehensive diagnostics and easy device replacement
    • Lower costs by using standard M12 single-ended cordsets
    • Reduction of the required IP addresses
    • Standardized wiring concept so reliable guard locking devices can be connected directly
    • Nearly any safety device can be connected
    Profisafe over IO-Link
    Safety BGL

    Safety technology and automation. Safety over IO-Link connected.