Communications adapters
Communications adapters

Efficiently transport signals with signal converters

Our signal converters store an incoming signal in a specific format and output it in a different format.

Frequently, such modules are used in the conversion of analog signals into digital signals or vice versa. Likewise, you can convert different communication protocols using signal converters.

The most important benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Installation in the control cabinet or directly on the sensor
  • Adaptation of the output signal to the application
  • Mixture of different signals on an assembly possible
  • Cost reduction potential

Product family

  • Signal converters

    Change output signals or counting and timing functions without additional installations


    With our signal converters, you can easily change output signals of numerical or time functions. Available devices include analog switching devices for sensors with analog output, signal converters for sensors with switching output, and signal amplifiers. The converters are able to be flexibly installable in the control cabinet or elsewhere on site.

    Also available for capacitive sensors are capacitive sensor controllers with potential-free changeover contact.



    • Analog switching device: switching state is indicated by LEDs
    • Timer function for capacitive sensors, with minimum/maximum fill level detection for two capacitive sensors
    • Signal converters for sensors with switching output can be combined with each other, with easy installation and adjustment capabilities
    Signal converters