Compact, high precision magnetic discs

A cut-away of a machine shows a magnetic encoder disc
A cut-away of a machine shows a magnetic encoder disc

Simple integration and fast evaluation for absolute rotary magnetic encoders

The BML BM1 rotary magnetic encoder is perfect for integrating into compact rotary systems. It detects all rotations at high speed by measuring the angle or rotational speed. And the incredibly small form factor of its absolute encoder discs allows for use in even tight spaces. These details make it easy for you to implement simple to integrate, highly precise absolute feedback solutions for motors, drives and mechatronics.

Whether you are using our complete system with sensor and electronics or want to integrate your own electronics with the IC-MU chip, our wide range of compact discs leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to mechanical integration and accuracy.

To evaluate the system for your application, we offer a diverse portfolio of standardized flat and hub-shaped discs. This provides you with great leeway in your configuration. Inside diameters of up to 70 mm are available. Mechanical modifications to meet your requirements are performed by our engineering partner management and our modification department. Contact us.


  • Reliable: non-contact and wear-free measuring principle
  • Fast startup: generous distance between sensor and disc
  • Direct integration: space-saving compact form factor
  • Simple qualification: portfolio of standard discs for evaluation; various codings available (16/15, 32/31, 64/63)
  • Customized mechanical adjustment possible