Laser light bands in widths from 16 mm to 100 mm

Light bands measure a shaft as it travels down a conveyor
Light bands measure a shaft as it travels down a conveyor

With various modes including position detection, object measuring, web edge detection, and nominal-actual comparisons

When different objects have to be identified in various production, packaging or in quality control conditions, our multi-function BLA series laser light bands are ideal. These IO-Link through-beam sensors offer numerous measuring modes such as object diameter, object position, gap width, gap position and edge position. And the various light band sizes allow you to perform nominal-actual comparisons even with narrow objects like wires or wider objects such as shafts. You can simultaneously use the built-in operating hours counter to accurately monitor processes and display maintenance intervals.

IO-Link ensures centralized data management and storage and with it, simple and fast configuration. That allows you to easily change formats during the production process. And with IO-Link, processed analog signals can also be transmitted reliably and accurately.

You can use these laser light bands for tasks such as precise position detection, object classification or simple part sorting by size or diameter. Variables like object height, gap dimensions or holes can be monitored for quality assurance. Precise detection of web edges is also possible, even with semi-transparent materials. And with a large selection of housing sizes, you can mount them in applications with particularly tight spaces and in hard to reach sensing positions.


  • Highly exact position detection
  • Differentiate diameters simply
  • Gap dimension quality inspections
  • Precise edge detection
  • Simple configurat ion and parameter setting with IO-Link
  • Various housings for a wide range of uses