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Balluff’s "Automation Launch" presentations and content are now available on-demand!

Our live event is over, but now you can access everything from the event on-demand! Video recordings of all seven live presentations are available now.

In addition to recorded webinars with industry experts, you also have access to a variety of on-demand content in our virtual exhibits:

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Focus Topics

Factory Automation

Smart solutions from Balluff lay the foundation for the factory of the future. Balluff solutions pave the way for smart manufacturing step by step and prepare you for Industry 4.0. Learn how Balluff builds the backbone to the smart factory.


Packaging, Food, and Beverage

The packaging, food, and beverage industries are characterized by strict requirements. Manufacturers must make production processes as efficient and economical as possible. Discover how Balluff components ensure high cycle rates, fast production and absolute reliability in even the most demanding environments.



Balluff provides reliable solutions that last even in the harshest stamping or welding environments. And with IO-Link communication, Balluff components provide a smarter factory that increases throughput and decreases downtime. Learn how Balluff solutions are essential for the implementation of the Smart Factory.


On-Demand Presentations from Automation Launch 2020

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Will Healy, III

Take Control of Your Downtime in 2021

Are you surprised by machine failures and frustrated with the seeming regularity of catastrophic downtime? When the repair drags out for hours or the fix feels more like a Band-Aid, do you wish there was a better way to repair this equipment? This presentation reviews, with real world examples, how major downtime can be solved with condition monitoring sensors to bring smart factory value to your existing equipment and offer tactics to help you take control of downtime right now.

Will Healy III, Americas Marketing Manager

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Frank Jakubec

Get a New Perspective on Vision Cameras

Cameras are the eyes of your application. Machine Vision provides information to improve productivity within that application. Learn how to implement the advanced features of CMOS imaging sensors in projects that require more than images from a standard camera. This presentation reviews how imaging technology can be used to increase machine speed, save bandwidth, optimize CPU load, and reduce components, and how to modify the industrial camera without customization.

Frantisek (Frank) Jakubec, Matrix Vision Technical Sales Specialist

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Wolfgang and Logan

Driven By Data - The Role of RFID and Machine Vision in Assembly and Production

Using real and relevant data is the most effective way to make decisions that will drive down operational costs. In manufacturing today, there are many solutions with the ability to provide a lot of information, but the key is to know the most effective method to capture that information and how to organize it to best assists with decision making. In this presentation you will learn how to effectively use RFID and Machine Vision solutions to capture data from work-in-process assembly applications and, more importantly, how to use that information to make better decisions and increase productivity.

Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Traceability Technical Sales Specialist, and Logan Welch, Machine Vision Technical Sales Specialist

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Rob and Shishir

Making Existing Machines Smarter: How IO-Link Is an Industry 4.0 Enabler for Rebuilds and Retrofits

Are you looking for smart machine functionality on your equipment? Interested in faster changeover, predictive maintenance or remote machine monitoring? IO-Link provides these functions while paving the way for the Industrial Internet of Things. This presentation explains how IO-Link is being used to enable smart machine concepts for the packaging, food and beverage space while also providing a cost-effective wiring architecture.

Rob Yurjevich, Packaging, Food, and Beverage Industry Sales Manager, and Shishir Rege, Controls Architecture Technical Sales Specialist

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Greg Molinaro

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System for the Smart Factory and Smart Machine

Learn how you can monitor overall plant heath and increase overall equipment efficiency in the Packaging, Food and Beverage Industry plant. The new Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) — a combination of software and sensors implementing condition monitoring and advanced IO-Link features — lets you do this and more. Learn about this new system and how it can benefit your business.

Greg Molinaro, Packaging, Food and Beverage Industry Manager

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Jason Hughes

IIoT in the Press Shop: How Smarter Machines Provide Real-Time Data for Predictive Maintenance and Higher Throughput

The Industrial Internet of Things revolution has come to the Press Shop! In this presentation, Americas Marketing Manager, Will Healy, explains the how smart sensing and real-time condition monitoring increases uptime and throughput in the press shop. He explains how and why creating an Industry 4.0 architecture in your press shop will ensure you’re ahead of the competition.

Will Healy III, Americas Marketing Manager

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Greg Soden

Driving Operational Excellence in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Need long-term, sustainable growth for your business? Operational Excellence strategies show how to measure the true costs of any problem and use that knowledge to drive down operating costs. This presentation focuses on how to institute Operational Excellence within an automotive facility or weld shop. Learn how to put processes in place to identify any problem’s root cause and set the course toward 100% Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Greg Soden, Americas Mobility Industry Manager

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