Three screenshots of the Connected Mold-ID software
Three screenshots of the Connected Mold-ID software

Automatically acquire tool data

Balluff's stand-alone Mold-ID system enables condition-based maintenance of the tools without the need for costly and error-prone tool books.

All relevant data such as shot numbers, last maintenance or detailed information are automatically stored on each tool via RFID and can be called up at any time with a handheld RFID device.

In this way you minimize downtime and support condition-based maintenance, enabling optimal utilization of the injection molds. The bottom line is that Mold-ID can significantly increase the productivity of the system.

Good to know: Mold-ID is a self-sufficient system. This means that you can retrofit all machines individually, regardless of location or the manufacturer or the age of the machines.

Your benefits

  • Independent system, can be retrofitted regardless of the manufacturer and machine
  • All data is available directly at the mold through RFID and mobile readout with an RFID handheld device
  • Less downtime through automatic documentation of production cycles
  • Optimal mold changes, now with condition-based maintenance instead of preventive maintenance
  • Gather information on the tools currently running on the machines by accessing the systems via TCP/IP


RFID ensures transparency in tool handling

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