Three mold units
Three mold units

Why you should manage tools automatically

The manual and local handling of injection mold data depends heavily on individual employees. Gaps in information can occur, making planning difficult. As a result, mold handling is mostly uncontrolled, so that molds are not always available where they are needed. Production is interrupted and the process is often anything but safe.

What you can do with Mold-ID

With Mold-ID, Balluff provides you with a low-cost-of-entry solution that automatically records and manages your injection mold data with RFID. All data is available directly at the mold, so you have the entire mold stock and all mold details at a glance. Since the stand-alone system records the production cycles, you can trace the use of every mold in the machine park.

What Connected Mold-ID brings you in addition

In combination with the Connected Mold-ID software, all Mold-ID systems can be efficiently networked. All injection mold data are stored in a central database. And you can conveniently display all data in your browser: your mold stock, all mold details and the entire history. In this way, tools can be used optimally. Every use can be planned, maintenance is secured and availability is guaranteed. You relieve the burden on your technical personnel and create the basis for efficient tool lifecycle management.

Your benefits

  • RFID and shot counter - continuous automated documentation of the mould history
  • continuous system solution - without error-prone manual mould data handling
  • database - transparent and plannable overview of all injection moulds
  • shot count and mould countID - basis for efficient tool lifecycle management
  • on Premise - data remains on internal server
  • simple asset management - data is always available

Mold-ID application examples

  • Predictive Maintenance with Mold-ID

    High transparency in tool handling for condition-based, predictive maintenance

    Mold-ID from Balluff ensures optimum mold utilisation through precise tracking, for example of injection molds in injection molding machines.

    As each mold is accurately identified, incorrect allocations or missing molds are a thing of the past. Counting production cycles enables predictive mold maintenance.

    You benefit from extended running time, reliable operation and high productivity of your equipment. This also improves profitability.

    Special feature

    • Can be retrofitted as a stand-alone system regardless of the manufacturer and age of the machine
    Predictive Maintenance with Mold-ID

    Precise traceability of injection molds with the help of Mold-ID

  • Mold-ID: Optimal utilization of the tools

    High availability through optimal machine utilization

    With the automatic documentation of tool use via RFID, you can reduce unplanned downtimes. A separate shot counter records all production cycles. All data is available on a data carrier either directly on the mold or on the multicoupling. This allows you to see the tool status directly on the machine and to keep an eye on the life cycle of the current tool at all times.

    Special features

    • You are always informed about the tool status
    • Mobile reading of the data with a handheld RFID device
    Optimal tool utilization with Mold-ID


Connected Mold-ID: Recording mold data with RFID

RFID ensures transparency in tool handling

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