An illustration of several molding machines
An illustration of several molding machines

Achieve high efficiency in the plastics industry

For economic efficiency in the plastics industry, injection molding tools must be used optimally. This is where Mold-ID and Connected Mold-ID are used.

With the Connected Mold-ID software from Balluff, all injection mold data can be recorded in a central database. And it's easy to manage, because this mold data is displayed in a browser-based application.

Connected Mold-ID is based on Mold-ID, a stand-alone system that identifies each individual mold via RFID and stores all relevant information such as the current number of shots or the last maintenance. This means that all data is reliably recorded and conveniently made available to you, thus documenting all production cycles.

By combining the hardware system Mold-ID with the software solution Connected Mold-ID, you can network all Mold-ID systems and implement optimum mold management. Now all data is visualized in the system and in the software. This allows you to gain valuable information, for example on production cycles or the timing of the next maintenance. This enables condition-based maintenance and increases efficiency, because Connected Mold-ID can be used for optimum mold life-cycle management.