Solutions for fill level detection
Solutions for fill level detection

Individual requirements demand individual solutions

Whether yogurt, beer or tablets: Detecting the levels of different materials is a core part of the pharmaceuticals, foods and beverage industries. Depending on the type of material or container there are different requirements for the sensors and systems. Use the components from Balluff: Our solutions are versatile and can be combined entire to your specific needs and requirements.

Our sensors meet all your requirements. Do you want to continuously monitor the level so that you can be informed about the actual fill level at all times? No problem. Or do you just need to know whether the level has reached the maximum or minimum? Then limit level measurement is something our sensors can also do. Whatever you need, we have the perfect solution for you.

Limit level measurement

There are various ways to accomplish level limit measurement depending on the type and material of the container. For transparent containers the level can be detected from the outside. This works without contact even with opaque, non-metallic containers or in contact with the media inside a tank. Either capacitive or photoelectric sensors are used.

Application examples for limit level measurement

  • Reliable detection of levels through transparent container walls using the fork sensor

    Our fork sensors can measure the level of clear, colored or cloudy liquids through transparent container walls. Their infrared light detects any liquid having a water component of more than 15 percent. Thin adhesions are ignored. Because of this, the fork sensors can also detect limit levels in fine, transparent tubes with a small diameter (≤ 6 mm).


    • Slot width 30 and 80 mm
    • Connector: M8, 3-pin
    • Protection class IP67
    • NPN or PNP switching output (both selectable for normally open and normally closed)
    Fluid detection with fork sensors application

  • Capacitive sensors measure container levels from the outside

    Detecting levels in containers, pipes or tanks through non-metallic walls is routine for our capacitive level sensors. Non-contacting and without direct medium contact, they detect the level of liquids and bulk materials and provide reliable results. They are suitable for a variety of applications since they are available in many different versions and configurations: For example in especially compact and flat tubular as well as block-style form factors, or in the shape of discs, as pressure-rated versions and with various plug and cable variations.

    Another advantage for you: Equipped with the patented Balluff Smart Level technology, our capacitive sensors always measure reliably even under conditions of moisture, foam or build-up - even through up to 10 millimeter thick glass and plastic walls. This makes our sensors the ideal solution for level measurement in conductive media. They also guarantee you high application security.

Continuous fill level detection

There are various technologies that can be used for continuous level detection depending on the application and task.

Application examples for continuous level detection

  • Capacitive sensor head detects over a large range

    Our self-adhesive capacitive sensor head is especially suited for non-contacting, continuous level detection on container or pipe outer walls with a generous detection range. The sensor head is flexible and can be trimmed to the desired length. Thanks to its integrated adhesive surface you can attach it easily to container walls without any additional accessories. The separately available amplifiers make it possible to continuously detect fill levels with analog output or via IO-Link. This means you can use a sensor to immediately detect a minimum or maximum value violation. At the same time you can use the sensor to measure the level over the entire range.


    • Continuous measurement
    • Non-contacting
    • Can be trimmed to size (min. 108 mm)
    • Detection range up to 850 mm
    • Flexible sensor surface
    • Versatile setting options using analog or IO-Link

  • Ultrasonic sensors – chemically resistant, non-contacting and precise even under pressure

    The BUS M30E2 ultrasonic sensors from Balluff are chemically resistant and provide precise and non-contacting level measurement. And they do it under normal pressures or in tanks and containers at up to 6 bar of pressure. Pressure-tight installation in a tank is simple using a G1 process connection. Another advantage: The combination of switching and analog outputs enables simultaneous level measurement and overflow protection.


    • PTFE membrane for protection against aggressive media
    • Non-contacting measurement
    • 1.3 m operating range, 5 m maximum range
    • Can be used in containers to be filled from above or containers with stirrers thanks to software filters
    • High-quality stainless steel housing for use in the foods industry
    • Process connection G1
    • Switching and analog output in one sensor or version with 2 PNP switching outputs
    • Can be adjusted easily via a digital display
    • Protection class IP67

  • Using magnetostrictive linear position sensors to monitor levels on non-magnetic containers

    Our BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensors in the rod-style can be used for non-contacting level monitoring on containers made of non-magnetic materials such as glass, stainless steel or plastic. The container wall can be up to 8 mm thick. A float with integrated magnetic ring is used to indicate the level. The measurement system detects the position of the float from outside the container and sends a signal for processing. Levels of from a few millimeters to as much as 6 meters can be reliably detected.


    • Contact-free monitoring
    • Can be retrofitted
    • Suitable for explosive atmospheres: Designs with ATEX certification available
    • Variety of interfaces
    • Simple to install on bypass tubes for continuous level measurement

  • BTL level sensor for maintaining the highest hygienic standards

    The strict regulations in the foods industry are no problem for our BTL-SF level sensor. It has proven itself in applications where extreme hygiene is essential, and it meets the highest international hygiene standards. This means it can be used in your equipment anywhere in the world. The level sensor measures down to the micrometer range and enables high filling accuracy.


    • Internationally certified quality (Ecolab, 3-A Sanitary Standard, FDA)
    • Assured hygiene standards and a long service life thanks to 100% stainless steel
    • Can be installed adjustment-free
    • Flexible installation using standardized interfaces
    • Neutral for all liquids, resilient to foam
    • CIP (Clean-in-Place): Easy to clean even while installed
    • SIP (Sterilization-in-Place): Suitable for process temperatures up to 130 °C
    • Rising and falling signal available

  • Using hydrostatic pressure sensors for detecting the level in storage tanks

    Our hydrostatic pressure sensors are ideal for continuous level measurement in storage tanks. They provide fast and precise measurement, are simple to install and can be used even under strict hygienic requirements. They monitor the hydrostatic pressure just as reliably if you position the sensor at a slight distance from the tank.


    • Stainless steel housing, IP69K, FDA conformal
    • Available with IO-Link technology
    • Hygienic process connection
    • Pressure range starting from 50 mbar
    • Highly linear
    Using hydrostatic pressure sensors for detecting the level in storage tanks