Performance spectrum
Performance spectrum

Innovating Automation: Technologies for your applications

Balluff's solution expertise in automation is truly comprehensive. Whether it is a customized small run or a supplier partnership that has run reliably for 30 years, there is rarely an application or industry for which Balluff has not already developed and produced a successful solution.

Products and systems for all areas of automation

  • Inductive, photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic field sensors
  • Measurement, pressure and linear position sensors
  • Industrial identification systems, RFID
  • Industrial networking and connectivity
  • Market-leading portfolio of IO-Link masters and devices

Innovative solutions for almost every industry

  • Automotive
  • Automotive tier suppliers
  • Packaging, food and beverage
  • Steel and aluminum production
  • Energy
  • Plastics, rubber and tires
  • Semiconductor
  • Life sciences and lab automation
  • Hydraulics and valves
  • Factory automation
  • Metal fabrication, stamping, welding