Balluff as an employer
Balluff as an employer

We ensure sustainability through innovation and responsibility.

As a medium-sized family company in its fourth generation, we have always maintained a culture of sustainability and long-term planning. Values such as reliability, integrity and openness represent core components for directing the actions of our company and make a critical contribution to the success of our business.

With over 3,600 employees worldwide, Balluff stands for innovative technology, quality and a focus on customer orientation. As a leading provider for industrial automation, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sensors, systems,and customer-specific solutions.

With a broad portfolio of sensor principles, we ensure efficient processes in automation as a whole. In addition to the global headquarters located outside of Stuttgart, Germany, Balluff has production and development sites around the world, and more than 68 international subsidiaries and sales offices.

Our global presence guarantees that products are quickly available to our customers worldwide, and they receive high-quality advice and service directly on-site.


  • Social involvement

    Committed to the common good

    As a family run company since 1921, we are aware of our responsibility as an employer and member of society. We are happy to be involved in the communities we call home. As diverse as our involvement may be, it always pursues one goal: Balluff is commited to the common good.

    Our youth – our chance

    As the skills gap in manufacturing grows, we recognize that engaging our youth is an important responsibility for every member of the manufacturing community. With programs at the elementary, middle, and high-school levels, we encourage kids to pursue manufacturing, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), and trade school career opportunities. At the university level, we share our passion for automation and provide internship and co-op opportunities.

    TECHFit Program

    Working in a partnership with Phoenix Contact, Purdue University, College of Charleston and additional vendors, Balluff trains middle school teachers on the use of donated sensor technologies. The teachers then provide an afterschool program teaching programming, automation and health/fitness objectives to students. The students create an "exergame" and compete with other schools judged by a panel of professors and industry advisors.

    Educational partnerships with schools

    Balluff has educational partnerships with several schools throughout the region. Assisting students as they enter working life is the goal of these partnerships. Providing internships and co-op experiences engages students and helps foster a passion for automation and manufacturing.

    Manufacturing Day Event

    On the first Friday of October, Balluff hosts an open to the public event in our Florence, KY facility. This nationwide event is offered by over 2500 companies around the US. At the Balluff event, we offer hands-on manufacturing and sensor experiences as well as a tour of our automated inventory management facility, lean workcells, and flexible manufacturing production area. Over 200 people registered in 2016!

    Fundraising & Charity Work

    Balluff works with multiple charitable organizations around the Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati area. We sponsor run/walk fundraising teams for a variety of races like: the American Heart Association Mini Marathon & 5k, Color Run, Relay for Life, and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Our employees come together to support fundraising, food drives & toy drives for a number of organizations.

  • Professional Development

    Your Careers at Balluff

    Balluff encourages and supports ongoing training and development. . You will discover this on day one of your career with Balluff, beginning with your orientation.

    You will be introduced to all employees and functional areas of Balluff… this is an important piece of your success.

    Our dedication to you and your development is supported by multiple training specialists.

    Continuous on the job training, product training, management training, sales training, presentations, and communications training are among the many courses offered.

    The open communication style among employees and management offers the opportunity to discuss your individual performance development.

    Whether you join us as a student/co-op or a seasoned professional, you will grow with Balluff.

  • Work-life balance

    The optimal combination of life and work

    It is important to be able to balance your professional and private life. As a family run company, we offer our employees a flexible work environment.

    A Typical Work Week

    With a traditional workday and single-shift production, Balluff employees enjoy a strong work-life balance. In-addition, depending on the task and department, working from home is also possible. With flexibility, observance of ten holidays and generous vacation time, employees are able to spend time with their families and outside interests.

    Casual & Collaborative

    Our open office layout and friendly culture help foster open communication and easy collaboration among all of our employees.

    Have Fun While Getting It Done

    We have a job that you are excited about and people you look forward to being with. Our award winning culture supports year-round activities, such as cookouts, fund raisers, holiday celebrations, community races/walks, and more.

    Strong Work-Life Balance

    Life is to be lived. We work hard in the office, but we all recognize that there needs to be time dedicated for self, family, friends and community.

    Great Location

    Based in Northern Kentucky, Balluff is a short drive across the river to Cincinnati. A big city with small town approachability, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky both offer riverfront parks, museums, theatres, a thriving music scene, nightlife, the Flying Pig Marathon, Bengals football, Reds baseball and German local brewing traditions.

    Exciting & Fast Paced

    Our customers continue to grow year over year across many industries from lab automation to automotive. We move quickly to support their needs and you can feel the positive energy when discussing our value with others.

    Engineering & Technology Focused

    We support our manufacturing & engineering community through educational programs around Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) and see this as an investment in our future leaders and thinkers.

    Invested in Your Well-Being

    A strong mind and body are both key to a successful career. Investing in a healthy working environment is a core value of Balluff. Regular yoga classes in our facility, Weight Watchers at work meetings and health focused lunch-and-learns are just a few of the ways we invest in our own well-being. Two fitness centers on our campus give easy access to equipment no matter where you work.

  • Working at Balluff

    Balluff as an Employer

    Distinguished as a top employer, Balluff ensures the best possible working conditions and promotes a close, long-term relationship between our employees and the company. As a family owned company, we focus on communication and welcome the exchange of information and ideas with each other. We promote this through "open doors" communication, monthly employee meetings, and frequent employee gatherings.

    Work environment

    Balluff maintains excellent working conditions for all employees. Lots of natural light with comfortable furniture and workspaces that allows for ergonomic working. Our employees have the technology and tools to perform their responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

    We are Global

    Balluff is an international company which affords employees with the opportunity to work with and develop relationships across the world.

    Compensation and Benefits

    Balluff is an international company with subsidiaries, agent offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Depending on the departments in which you work, business trips in the context of international cooperation are possible and necessary.


    Balluff employees are paid at an above average market range. In addition this and based on our company performance, all employees can earn a bonus.

    Our employees are offered an array of benefits, which includes medical, dental and vision plans as well as a competitive 401K retirement plan.