Inductive High Temperature Sensors in Ø 5 mm Housing for Tight Spaces

Inductive high temperature sensors in Ø 5 mm housing for tight spaces

Approved for up to 135 °C, the highest on the market

Our miniature inductive sensors in the Ø 5 mm housing can now be used at even higher temperatures. Uniquely on the market, they are approved to operate at ambient temperatures up to 135 °C. Housing lengths either of 27 mm or 42 mm can be selected to meet your installation requirements.

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These sensors are especially suited for the semiconductor and hydraulic sectors. They withstand a dynamic pressure of up to 10 bar and a static pressure of up to 100 bar. Their oil- and temperature- resistant silicone cables are connected to the housing using a new type of crimping that makes the sensors water-tight up to IP67.

The operating and switching state can be seen at any time from the LED on the transparent connector. You always know the status of the sensor even when the installation site of the sensor itself is hidden.


  • Unique: for operating temperatures up to 135 °C
  • Oil pressure rated up to 10 bar dynamic and 100 bar static
  • Ideal for hydraulic applications and in the semiconductor industry LED in connector shows power and switching state
  • Sensor and connector both IP67
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