Bicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines are the starting point for an over 100-year history of success.

Gebhard Balluff

Gebhard Balluff founded his mechanical repair shop for bicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines in Neuhausen which then developed into a business for precision, turned and milled parts.

Eduard Hermle

Gebhard Balluff turned the business management over to his son-in-law Eduard Hermle.

Factory for precision mechanical products

Balluff becomes a factory for precision mechanical products and produces, among other items. DIN L 85 turnbuckles as well as spring winders.

Balluff spaetzle press

Balluff brings the Spaetzle press into its production line.

Balluff produces rocker arms, stub axles and shift levers

Balluff produces rocker arms, stub axles, shift levers and engine parts for the automotive industry.

Production of the BNS cam switch

Development and entry into the sensor field: production of the BNS cam switch

BES inductive proximity switches

Beginning of production for BES inductive proximity switches: The first non-contact sensor is a great advance in control technology for mechanical engineering and makes Balluff one of the world market leaders.

First international subsidiary: Balluff Austria

Creation of the first international subsidiary, Balluff Austria in Vienna – the first step towards expansion of the international distribution network.

New factory built in Neuhausen

New factory built in Neuhausen on the Filder: Modern, spacious buildings created for development, production and management.

BOS optoelectronic sensors

Beginning of production for BOS optoelectronic sensors: Balluff sensors can now detect objects even at greater distances and made of materials other than metal.

Rolf Hermle

Brothers Klaus and Rolf Hermle assumed leadership as the third generation of the family-owned company. Until the death of Klaus in 1987, the brothers worked together to grow the company internationally and expand the product portfolio.

Creation of the subsidiary Nihon Balluff Japan as the first branch in Asia for local production and sales.

Creation of presences in North America and Brazil for better on-site customer support and strategic marketing.

Beginning of production for BIS industrial RFID systems: The identification systems are a combination of data carrier, read/write head and processor unit.

Beginning of production for BTL Micropulse displacement sensor: The first non-contact and wear-free measuring of linear motion from Balluff. The starting shot for today\'s comprehensive distance measuring portfolio.

Beginning of production for BMF magnetic-field sensors: Expansion of expertise in the field of magnetic field-sensing systems.

Beginning of production for Trans-sonar displacement sensors: A further development of the BTL Micropulse displacement sensor.

Creation of Balluff Electronika KFT in Hungary. The global production network grows.

Balluff\'s 75th anniversary.. The company grows internationally – with subsidiaries in Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic as well as offices in Singapore and China.

Balluff opens a new logistics center and a modernized manufacturing facility in Neuhausen. Beginning of production for inductive mini-sensors BES: Expansion of expertise in the field of miniaturization.

Beginning of production for BIL/BIP magneto-inductive displacement sensors and BML magnetically encoded displacement and angle-measurement systems: Expansion of the displacement measuring portfolio with high-precision measuring principles.

Vertical expansion of the product portfolio with IO-Link industrial networking and connectivity: Balluff further develops into a systems and solutions provider. Accessories develops into a division with robust sales..

With the new production facility in China, Balluff further expands its market position in Asia focusing on China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The facility in China now has 150 employees.

Generational change: Rolf Hermle hands the business management over to his children Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle and Florian Hermle and to technical business manager Michael Unger.

Beginning of production for BNI SmartLights: Balluff expands its expertise into high-precision magnetic displacement and angle measurement systems.

Integration of Balluff STM into the Balluff Group. Expansion of expertise in the field of specialized optosensors and miniaturized optical sensor systems.

Our own sales organization in Australia and New Zealand. With its comprehensive portfolio, Balluff has developed into a pacesetter for Industry 4.0.

Creation of new subsidiaries in Turkey, Korea and Thailand.

Evolution of the brand brand image. The company slogan is changed from \"sensors worldwide\" to \"innovating automation\"

Balluff History 2017

Balluff further expands its digitalization know-how with two acquisitions: The Stuttgart-based software company iss innovative software services GmbH (iss) and the machine vision pioneer Matrix Vision GmbH (MV) in Oppenweiler near Backnang become part of the Balluff group.