BIS L Industrial RFID system
BIS L Industrial RFID system

The answer for easy identification tasks

Our low-frequency RFID systems (RFID BIS L) are suitable for applications that involve just the identification and less in terms of data processing.

For example, often only a (read-only) code is required for backtracing. The 125-kHz systems function reliably up to ranges of 100 mm and behave in a relatively neutral manner with respect to materials such as water, textiles, wood and aluminum.

Key benefits

  • Memory of the data carrier limited to 192 bytes
  • For the transmission of small volumes of data
  • Well-structured product range of data carriers
  • For use in less harsh environmental conditions
  • Unique ID with 5 bytes, read-only
  • Read-only data carriers available (protection against manipulation)

System components

  • LF data carriers (125 kHz)

    Information is available directly on the object

    LF data carriers accompany the workpieces throughout the entire production process. If your application requires a large number of tags, data carriers from Balluff (RFID BIS L) are an economical and reliable choice. Those with the read-only functionality reduces the possibility of tampering and ensures high data security.


    • Round data carriers available in different sizes: 12.4 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 50 mm
    • Chemically resistant glass data carriers in 13 mm × 3 mm
    • Data carrier read only (3 or 5 bytes) or read/write with 192 bytes
    • Assembly options: adhesive or screws
    • Two variants of the read-only data carrier available: With a fixed 5-byte one-time "Unique ID" or with programming of 3 bytes of individual data according to customer specification
    Data carriers BIS L
  • LF read/write heads and antennas (125 kHz)

    Data carrier communication partners

    Our application-specific, industrial-grade designed LF read/write heads and antennas are easy to integrate into your system.

    Up to four read/write heads can be connected to BIS V processor units. Read heads in the M12 or M18 size with separated evaluation electronics are ideal for constricted spaces.

    We also offer read heads with IO-Link interface, ideal for when only simple identification (read-only) is required for tracking.


    • Robust housing in protection type IP67 ensures reliable use in a raw environment
    • Range depends on the combination of read/write head and data carrier that is used (see data sheet for the respective read/write head)
    • Connection via M12 plug connectors, cable length 50 m
    • Flat design available
    LF read/write heads and antennas (125 kHz)
  • LF read/write heads (125 kHz) with integrated processor unit

    Reading and evaluation with a device

    Our LF read/write heads with an integrated processor unit combine the antenna, electronics, and interface into one housing.

    Easy installation saves time and money. Some read heads are also suitable for tight installation conditions. Special variants with separated electronics create leeway for the installation. The rugged housing in IP67 ensures reliable use in a harsh environment.


    • Available interfaces: Parallel and serial (RS232, RS422)
    • Additional processor unit eliminated
    • Status displays directly on the housing of the reader facilitate the commissioning and minimize down times
    LF read/write heads (125 kHz) with integrated processor unit
  • LF handheld devices (125 kHz)

    Mobile data recording – simple and comfortable

    Our LF handheld devices are outstanding for portable reading and writing of BIS L data carriers. They are used in manual quality control or in documenting maintenance procedures.

    Handhelds from Balluff use WLAN, Bluetooth, or USB connection for data transmission. They are modular for adding 1D or 2D barcode readers. Handhelds remain reliable even in poor lighting conditions and harsh environments.


    • Windows CE® V6.0 operating system
    • Various antenna shapes available depending on the data carrier
    • Range depends on antenna variant
    • Charging power supply and operating pin included in the scope of supply
    • Base device is the powerful Zebra Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer
    • Preinstalled Balluff software (SDK – Software Development Kit)
    • Touchscreen with large color display
    • Optional accessories: Docking station and pistol grip for ergonomic working
    • Customer-specific software on request
    LF handheld devices (125 kHz)
  • LF processor units (125 kHz)

    Compact processor unit for all frequencies

    With our BIS V processor unit, you can simultaneously use up to four read/write heads per processor. The BIS V allows mixed operation of all frequencies (BIS M, BIS L, BIS C, BIS U). This means that only one type of processor unit needs to be stocked, greatly simplifying inventory management. For use in any industrial sector, the processor unit is available with all globally standard bus systems.


    • Perfect EMC due to the robust zinc die-cast housing
    • All connections are easily accessible from the front
    • Variable mounting concept for easy assembly on top hat rails or on the profile
    • LCD display and pushbuttons for simple commissioning
    • Each read/write head signals its operating state via two LEDs directly on the processor unit
    • Integrated IO-Link master port for the connection of IO-Link-capable sensors and actuators
    • Web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
    • Function components of many common controller manufacturers for fast use
    • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch for line and ring topology
    • Small and compact (172 × 48 × 62 mm)
    • USB interface for rapid commissioning without bus link
    • BIS Cockpit: Read/write head configurable independent of interface with PC-based software tool
    • Power supply via robust 7/8" plug for harsh industrial environments
    Processor unit BIS L
  • LF data couplers (125 kHz)

    Secure data transmission via air interfaces

    LF data couplers from Balluff ensure the greatest possible flexibility. They securely transmit the data via two air interfaces. In so doing, they handle the contactless bridging of the two transitions instead of a fixed data transmission. The data couplers are generally used where a double mechanical interface is indispensable. For example, with rotary tables, replaceable workpiece holders, or gripper arms. This allows you to check the function, even at previously inaccessible locations.


    • Maintenance-free transmission without mechanical wear
    • Fast and secure signal transmission
    • Various cable lengths: 1 m, 2 m and 5 m
    LF data couplers (125 kHz)