High Accuracy Encoders for Industrial Applications

High accuracy Encoders for industrial applications
High accuracy Encoders for industrial applications

An extensive product family

Rotary encoders from Balluff are used wherever lengths, positions, speeds/ rotary movements, or angles/angular velocities need to be recorded. They convert mechanical movements into digital electrical signals.

Balluff offers a variety of measuring principles to best meet the needs of the application. For example, if a high resolution is required, optical encoders are often used, while magnetic encoders are preferred for applications in harsh environmental conditions. In addition, these encoders are available in a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel version with IP69K protection.

With a variety of designs, from miniature encoders to multi-turn hollow shaft encoders, our encoder family offers solutions for a wide range of requirements in mechanical engineering.


  • Wear-free
  • Incremental or absolute interface
  • High resolution up to 16 bit/revolution
  • Single and multi-turn variants available
  • Multi-turn up to 243 revolutions
  • Variants for blind hollow, hollow and solid shafts available
  • Robust design for harsh environmental conditions

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