Return Material Authorization
Return Material Authorization

Guideline for processing RMA procedures

Dear Business Partners,
In order to process products that you want send back to us quickly and efficiently, we have systematised the processing of RMA procedures. We therefore ask you to observe the following process.

RMA form

RMA procedure process

  • To return products, you will require an RMA form. This form and the guideline can be downloaded from our homepage at
  • Please fill out the form and the declaration of decontamination completely and to the best of your knowledge.
  • The form is then forwarded to us electronically by clicking the Send button. You thereby confirm that the content of the form is to the best your knowledge correct.
  • You will receive the corresponding RMA number, including dispatch documents, within two working days. Please note: Processing may be delayed if the information given on the RMA form is incomplete.
  • Please print out the dispatch documents and enclose them with the shipment.

Please note that delays may occur in processing goods that are returned to us without an RMA number. Such goods may even have to be sent back to you unprocessed.

RMA conditions

  • The product's original packaging must carry no adhesive labels and must not be damaged.
  • When returning goods for credit, the return shipment must be sent in packaging that is undamaged and unopened.
  • Damage in transport must be reported to the carrier immediately.
  • Please ensure that electronic components are packed in ESD packaging.
  • Repair/testing costs, repackaging and accessories will be invoiced separately. You will receive a free-of-charge cost estimate. This will then, of course, be invoiced together with the repair.
  • Please send the product carriage prepaid and adequately insured to the recipient address shown on the shipping document within five working days.
  • The RMA number allocated is only valid for this shipment.

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