Basics of automation
Basics of automation

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Do you want to understand the foundations of automation? Is it your job to make production more productive, efficient and secure? Are you asking yourself how to open up the potential of Industry 4.0?

We will provide you with the answers. Profit from our knowledge and experience – well-founded, practical, and explained fast and simply.

You will find the essentials of automation, sensors, RFID and network technology:

  • What basic knowledge you need
  • How to solve common applications
  • What product technologies will help you

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Fundamentals of automation

Fundamentals of Automation

Learn the basics of automation and the role that sensors play.

Basic of automation – Detecting


Using sensors to detect, collect and position

Basic of automation – Measuring


Measure linear and rotary geometric and mechanical variables

Basic of automation – Identifying


Identifying in industrial environments using RFID and barcode readers

Basic of automation – Connecting and Networking

Connecting and Networking

Efficiently connect automation components

Basic of automation – IO-Link


Intelligently network and communicate with IO-Link