Inductive sensors
Inductive sensors

Highest quality and accuracy for automation

Automation without inductive sensors can hardly be imagined. Wear-resistant, reliable non-contact position detection of metallic objects is required wherever automation is used, whether in mechanical engineering, electronics production, automotive, food, or plastics industries.

Balluff offers a wide range of inductive sensors with diverse designs for nearly any application: from standard sensors to sensors with increased switching distance, hygienic sensors, high-pressure sensors, ex-zone sensors for hazardous areas, and factor 1 sensors. Some sensors have an additional ceramic or PTFE coating so that weld spatter, for example, cannot adhere to them. Sensors that are both factor 1 and all-metal are also available.


Aided by inductive sensors from Balluff, you can automate, monitor, and control processes and conditions at the highest quality, even in extreme environments.


  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Contact-free and therefore wear-free
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Short-circuit resistant
  • In configurations from 3 mm Ø to 80 × 80 mm square dimensions

Product families

  • Inductive standard sensors with preferred types

    Globally proven solutions for controlling, positioning, and monitoring

    Our BES inductive standard sensors with preferred types for detecting objects in metal areas are robust and reliable. With a wide range of over 500 model series, we offer the right inductive sensor for every application.

    The technology, which is in use worldwide, has an optimum price/performance ratio and can also be delivered in a short amount of time even in large quantities.


    • Cylindrical sensors in Ø 6.5 mm, M8, M12, M18, M30, and cuboid configuration of 40 × 40 mm
    • Shielded and unshielded versions
    • Flush variants with ranges of up to 15 mm
    • Non-flush variants with ranges of up to 30 mm
    • Plug or cable connection
    Inductive standard sensors with preferred types
    Inductive standard sensors with preferred types

  • Inductive 2-wire sensors

    Universally applicable with the widest variety of configurations

    With inductive 2-wire sensors from Balluff, you can reduce the number of variants in your application in a targeted manner. This saves you storage space and costs without losing functionality. Our standard range of 2-wire technology with a range of 0 to 50 mm includes sensors in M8 to M30 and with cuboid configuration. And it is suitable for most PNP or NPN control systems. Our Inductive 2-wire sensors are also available with increased switching distance.


    • Sensors for DC, AC, and AC/DC power supplies
    • In cylindrical, cubic, flush, and non-flush configurations
    • With cable and plug variants
    Inductive 2-wire sensors
    Inductive 2-wire sensors

  • Pressure-rated inductive sensors

    Perfect for use in hydraulic cylinders and valves

    Our BHS pressure-rated inductive sensors withstand a pressure of up to 500 bar. They are, therefore, perfectly suited for monitoring the position of your hydraulics, such as when controlling the end position of hydraulic cylinders or monitoring valve positions. Their durability is made possible by media-resistant housing materials and a special sealing process. For your individual applications, we offer different configurations as well as a comprehensive range of products with different housing diameters and thread sizes.


    • Pressure-rated up to 500 bar
    • High temperature-rated up to 120 °C
    • Appropriate for use in explosion-protected areas
    • Overall dimensions from M5 to M18
    • Short and long configurations
    • With and without fixed stop
    Pressure-rated inductive sensors
    Pressure-rated inductive sensors

    In the wide range of hydraulic applications, pressure-rated proximity switches are exposed to many harsh environments.

  • Hygienic inductive sensors

    Long service life even under severe environmental conditions

    Our BES hygienic inductive sensors are extremely resistant to abrasive and aggressive media: Their labeling is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. The indicator lights are protected against destruction and the housing construction is optimized for safe cleaning in such a manner that your product will not become contaminated. Variants in full PTFE are available for use in extremely aggressive environments.


    • Special stainless steel, such as 1.4404, 1.4571
    • High chemical resistance
    • High degree of protection IP67 to IP69K
    • Extended temperature range available
    • Ecolab, FDA certifications available
    • Safe cleaning (CIP)
    • Various configurations and sizes
    Hygienic inductive sensors
  • Inductive factor 1 sensors

    More flexibility for your production

    BES inductive factor 1 sensors from Balluff can be used wherever different types of metals must be identified uniformly and with high precision. Our all-rounder for reliably recognizing all metals without a reduction factor at the switching distance: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel, brass, aluminum etc. Additionally, they are magnetic-field-resistant and can thus be used in areas with a strong electromagnetic field – for example in welding plants. For these, we also offer variants with PTFE coatings for protection against welding spatter.


    • High sensing distance without reduction factor for all metals
    • Magnetic-field-resistant
    • Installation in different metals possible
    • High-precision and flexible use
    • Various configurations and sizes
    Inductive factor 1 sensors
    Inductive factor 1 sensors

    Factor 1 sensors detect objects made of steel, aluminum or brass with the identical switching distance (no reduction factor).

  • Inductive full-metal sensors

    Extremely robust when used in harsh environments

    The especially resilient stainless steel BES inductive full-metal sensors from Balluff have been specially developed for applications in very harsh environments. Housing and sensor front manufactured from stainless steel. The robust active surface is resistant to impacts as well as mechanical stresses and abrasive media. We offer additional variants with PTFE and ceramic coating against welding spatter for use in welding applications. The extreme resilience of our sensors can reduce your maintenance costs – and thus increase the availability of your system.


    • Extremely robust
    • High switching distance
    • Factor 1 sensors and selective sensors (ferrous/non-ferrous)
    • Resistant to abrasive media and cleaning agents
    • Various configurations and sizes
    Inductive full-metal sensors
    Inductive full-metal sensors

    Inductive full-metal sensors with selective response ignore ferrous or non-ferrous metals, depending on the version.

  • Magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors

    Magnetic-field-resistant, weld-immune, and flexible in harsh environments

    Our BES magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors are ideal for use in areas with strong electromagnetic fields such as in welding and induction hardening installations. They are insensitive to magnetic fields arising from electric welding currents of up to 25 kA. With their additional ceramic coating, they are up to the task with their resistance to metal spatters, slag, and combustion residues. And enable the highest precision work in every area of use. Their extreme robustness reduces maintenance costs and thus increases system availability.


    • Extremely robust
    • Magnetic-field-resistant
    • Weld-splatter-resistant
    • Resistant to abrasive media and cleaning agents
    • Various configurations and sizes
    Magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors
    Magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors

    Magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors are insensitive to magnetic fields arising from electric welding currents of up to 25 kA (at a distance of approx. 5 cm from current-carrying conductors).

  • Weld-immune inductive sensors

    No problems with high temperatures and magnetic fields

    Increase the availability of your systems and reduce maintenance and storage costs at the same time. Weld-immune inductive sensors from Balluff detect metallic objects, such as steel, aluminum, or brass, with the same switching distance. With their ceramic coating they are just as resistant to metal spatter, slag, and combustion residues as they are to magnetic fields arising from electric welding currents of up to 25 kA. Even abrasive media and cleaning agents cannot harm them. Perfect for use in welding, induction hardening installations, and similarly harsh industrial environments.


    • Detect metallic objects with no reduction factor
    • Extremely robust, magnetic-field-resistant, and weld-spatter-resistant
    • Resistant to abrasive media and cleaning agents
    • Available in different configurations and sizes
    Weld-immune inductive sensors
    Weld-immune inductive sensors

  • Temperature-rated inductive sensors

    Highest level of precision at high temperatures

    Our series BES temperature-rated inductive sensors can handle ultra-high temperature ranges up to 230 °C. Depending on the version both the housing and the cable construction are designed for elevated temperatures. The electronics are fully integrated and can be easily connected to appropriate accessories.
    Various form factors allow our ultra-high temperature rated inductive sensors to be easily integrated into various situations even where space is at a premium. Some versions are also available as high pressure rated sensors. This represents a significant expansion to the range of applications.


    • Temperature ranges of up to 230 °C available
    • High degree of protection of up to IP68
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Various configurations and sizes
    Temperature-rated inductive sensors
    Temperature-rated inductive sensors

    These temperature-rated inductive sensors can be used within temperature ranges of up to +230 °C – ideally suited for harsh environments in the steel industry, in plastic injection molding machines, and in forging and foundry processes.

  • Inductive sensors for hazardous areas

    Versatile for use in all Ex zones

    We offer inductive sensors for all Ex zones. Applications for these wear-free switches range from Zone 2/22, in which an explosive atmosphere rarely occurs (Category 3G/3D) to Zone 0/20, where the greatest explosion hazard is present.
    With many sensor varieties we offer a broad range of applications so that you can handle a wide variety of requirements. The comprehensive portfolio includes for example pressure rated sensors up to 500 bar or sensors with extended temperature range - all in a variety of housing styles. The appropriate accessors, such as NAMUR switching amplifiers or single-ended cordsets, are also of course available from us.


    • For zones: 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22
    • High-pressure rated to 500 bar
    • For use in a variety of temperature ranges
    • With matching NAMUR switching amplifiers
    • Non-contacting and therefore free from wear
    • Media-resistant
    • Impervious to contamination


    Inductive sensors for hazardous areas
    Inductive sensors for hazardous areas

    Balluff offers inductive sensors in various styles for all explosion hazard areas.

  • Inductive NAMUR sensors

    For detecting the conditions within sensitive areas

    Inductive NAMUR sensors and switching amplifiers make it easy to detect conditions within sensitive areas in a non-contacting manner. The sensors are placed inside the work area and the switching amplifiers are placed outside. This assists with process stability.

    In addition to standard versions, we also offer high pressure variants for monitoring end positions in hydraulic cylinders or for monitoring the positions of valves. There are explosion-proof variants for potentially explosive systems or rooms in Zones 1 and 2. In addition, proven models are available for applications in the semiconductor industry.


    • Support for process stability
    • Also available for hydraulic cylinders and hazardous areas
    • Faults detectable
    Inductive NAMUR sensors
  • Inductive ring and tube sensors

    Ideal for detecting small parts

    Our inductive ring and tube sensors work extremely reliably and are ideal for detecting small parts with a high object speed of up to 20 m/s. The integrated pulse extension of up to 150 ms makes it possible for the switching signals to be utilized by control systems in a dependable manner. As the user, you also benefit from the simple installation procedure. The sensors can be universally mounted, lined up, and stacked at a distance > 20 mm.


    • Reliable sensor principle for high object speeds
    • Inductive ring sensors universally mountable by means of various sizes
    • Inductive sensor for hoses easily installable on the feed hose
    • Stackable at a distance of > 20 mm
    Inductive ring and tube sensors
  • Inductive distance sensors

    Reliable measurement of positions, clearances, and differentiation of materials

    Our BAW inductive distance sensors measure various positions and distances and can also differentiate between various material variants. They work without making contact, are, therefore, free from wear, and distinguish themselves by a long service life.

    Its teach function has an adjustable linearity range, which enables quick commissioning during initial installation and ensures short downtimes when replacing sensors.

    The multiplicity of available configurations allows the inductive distance sensors to be easily integrated into any applications. Important applications include monitoring movements in joining, pressing, or clamping equipment used for mechanical engineering or detecting axle imbalances and expansions.

    The inductive distance sensors supply an absolute analog voltage, current, or IO-Link signal.


    • Compact, solid and reliable
    • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
    • Absolute measuring principle
    • Measurement range from 0.2 to 50 mm, also teachable
    • Quick response time, high reproducibility, and linearity
    • Broad temperature range, minimal temperature drift
    • Simple application via analog interfaces and IO-Link
    Inductive distance sensors
  • Inductive positioning systems

    Can be perfectly integrated even when there is limited space

    BIP inductive positioning systems are up to the task even in tight installation conditions: Perfectly integratable, it measures the position of metallic objects with maximum precision in a non-contacting, and, therefore, wear-free manner. Thus, they reliably detect linear measured displacements via a simple target. A simple component of the machine, such as a rotary disk, can also function as a target. Measured values are relayed via IO-Link or as analog, depending upon the version.

    The primary field of application for the sensors is monitoring drive spindles and clamping devices. In this case, inductive positioning systems ensure that clamping processes flow without malfunctions. In addition, the positioning system can be used in mechanical engineering for many other applications with linear motion, such as determining punch depth, grip positions, roller placements, valve positions, etc. High reproducibility thus ensures optimum process quality.


    • Measurement ranges adjustable from 0…133 mm
    • No mechanical adjustment is necessary
    • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
    • High level of reproducibility and precise positioning
    • Analog and digital interfaces
    BIP inductive positioning system