Flow sensors
Flow sensors

Process security writ large

Flow sensors let you measure and monitor the flow of process media in a wide range of applications. For example the lubricant flow or reliable circulation of cooling water. Now you can detect a pump failure early and prevent an unplanned machine or even system stop.

This is how flow sensors as well as pressure or temperature sensors contribute to process security.

Product families

  • Thermal Flow Controllers

    Monitor flow using a switching function

    Thermal flow controllers allow you to monitor process fluids with a switching function. For example in machine tools, on pumps and compressors.

    Their rugged housing makes Balluff flow controllers ideal for harsh industrial environments.

    With our models for thread-in or direct inline installation you can handle a variety of requirements in many different areas of applications.


    • No moving parts, resistant to contamination
    • Form factor for screw-in or inline, depending on the flow amount or tube diameter
    • M12 connector for ease of integration
    • LED line or display for visualizing flow amount
    • UL and CE approval
    Thermal Flow Controllers
    BFF Thermal Flow Controllers

    Flow control in piping