Human Machine Interface

Display user-friendly information and states

Our controllers and display devices show where things stand with production and where a tool is located at all times. They reliably monitor the status and point-of-use of machines and systems. Output signals from sensors are converted into visual or acoustic indicators.

Controllers evaluate the data from industrial cameras and other sensors, edit it, and send it on to the central controller. This pre-processing makes sure that only the important parameters are obtained and transmitted over the network to a central controller, which protects the entire production environment from data overload.

Our displays and SmartLight LED stack lights indicate the operating status of your machine at a glance by visualizing physical variables and states.

The most important benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Industrial type form factors and mounting options
  • Standardized connection to the network environment
  • IO-Link means they are ready for Industry 4.0

Product families

  • SmartLight – LED stack lights

    For displaying operating status with extraordinary flexibility

    To reliably monitor the status and the point-of-use of machines and systems, Balluff offers SmartLight LED stack lights and SmartLight Indicators. These signal lights conveniently visualize the information you need.

    The SmartLight LED stack light displays important or critical machine conditions and uses a color scale to show trends for physical variables.

    Our SmartLight Indicator is a reliable display for explicit points-of-use and is used to guide the operator. It also offers numerous additional functions, like displaying the adjusting direction, cycle times of the work steps, wait times while work is being performed, machine status, or fill levels. A second version with an optical sensor is used to reliably detect hand signals.

    All signal lights feature bright LEDs whose colors can be defined individually. Segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible mode are all available for covering any requirement.

    An IO-Link interface provides convenient user guidance. This even lets you make changes on-the-fly. With IO-Link you simply make them from a central control location. And thanks to IO-Link you can quickly and cost-efficiently install intelligent devices using plug-and-play and link to the controller or to PC-based systems.


    • Versatile: Segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible modes can be configured
    • Adaptable to your application: Multi-color, bright LEDs with a broad color spectrum – individually definable
    • Highly flexible: Can be changed on-the-fly, with no mechanical reconfiguration necessary
    • Ready for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link
    • Simple to install
  • Displays

    Digital display devices for any application

    Displays from Balluff are ideal for control cabinet installation. Choose from between analog value displays, axis indicators and display modules with SSI interface or digital pulse interface. The various interfaces ensure optimal integration. Additionally, with a variety of setting possibilities you can use our displays with great flexibility. Depending on the model, parameter settings are made using function keys or on the front touch screen.


    • Basic analog value displays: Visualises sensor data cost effectively
    • Displays with touch screen: Integrated encoder power supply, plain-text parameter setting, including display color, units, linearising, hysteresis
  • Industrial Controllers

    Transparent production processes

    Do you need to quickly and directly display or change the production status and configurations of your machine vision products and other Balluff sensors and change them using a touch function? Our industrial controllers are tailor made for these tasks.

    Our industrial grade panel PC running on Windows 10 IOT can operate and visualize various industrial components. Use standard input and entry systems such as keyboard and mouse or touchscreen. The 12" display lets you read all the information comfortably.

    Our new SmartVision controller directly controls industrial cameras and makes the results available to the central controller over various network interfaces.


    • Scalable function scope – from simple representation to high-performance data analysis
    • Industrial type form factor and mounting concepts
    • Standardized linking to a wide range of company network environments
    Industrial Controllers