Precise object recognition in the M8 mini format

Precise obj. detection in M8-Mini-Format
Precise obj. detection in M8-Mini-Format

Robust – in stainless steel

Small form factors, low weight and a high level of switching precision are among the benefits of our photoelectric mini-sensors. The latest cylindrical mini-sensor with background suppression and an additional IO-Link interface also stands out with these properties. The rugged sensor with an IP67 stainless steel housing has a bright light spot such that you can align it easily and accurately. You can use the built-in potentiometer to set the sensing distance from 7 to 30 mm directly on the sensor.

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Background suppression

The background suppression enables the reliable detection of objects that reflect both well and poorly with the same level of quality. This also works for small objects and in tight spaces. This is because the sensor is only 40 mm long.

IO-Link variants

IO-Link allows you to install the sensor with an outstanding switching response particularly easily. A potentiometer is no longer needed. This also ensures flexible installation that you can optimally tailor to the machine design. You can use the intelligent interface to comfortably configure hysteresis and sensing distance via the control unit. You can also select the circuit type and switching modes. The sensor can also be comfortably monitored from a central location.

Fast format changes during operation and prompt sensor changing are thus possible. At the end of the day, you save time and minimize the potential for errors.

The benefits

  • Small, bright light spot for an outstanding switching response
  • Extensive parameterization options with IO-Link
  • Rugged stainless steel housing (1.4404) in IP67
Precise obj. detection in M8-Mini-Format