Balluff Wins JEE Automation "Best Support" Award

Just at the beginning of this year, Balluff has already harvested in full. Apart from awards for new products and excellent management, in late Janunary, Balluff standed out from 136 suppliers and won the “Best Support" award presented by JEE Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. at its 2018 Supplier Meeting.

JEE Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a key national hightech enterprise and also a national innovative pilot enterprise that provides complete equipment solutions to automobile manufacturing automation. Its business ranges from engine lines to assembly lines, from body-in white to new energy automobile electric drive system. Aiming to make breakthoughs in automation, Balluff, as a leading role in automation solutions, works with this high-tech enterprise and puts in use Balluff solutions in several lines to make the production tracible, process transparent, all stations under control and real-time data collected. In this way, data are highly available, preventative maintenance is possible, human error is greatly reduced and down time is eliminated. Briefly speaking, higher efficiency, lower cost.

In the context of Industry 4.0, close and smooth cooperation is of high importance. It raises new challenges yet opportunities to all suppliers in terms of real-time data collection, timely sharing, first-time response, high-quality products and on-time delivery. Balluff is one of the leading providers of high-quality sensor, identification and network solutions as well as software for integrated system solutions for your automation requirements. With our sales and service covering each corner of the world, we are capable of remarkable service and innovative solutions. All that supports us to improve customers’ competitiveness and to fix a position in 4.0 era.

JEE Automation benefits from all years’ cooperation with Balluff. It takes Balluff as the partner for Industry 4.0 and acknowledges the company, its employees and Balluff quality with the “Best Support” Award.