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Leak monitoring in the production of semiconductors

Smart technology for secure processes

The requirements for safety and stability in the production of semiconductors are extremely high. With our reliable components, we contribute to safeguarding your processes. For example, by ensuring that fill levels are always in the ideal range. And that you detect leaks on time.

Our capacitive BCS sensors detect both conductive and non-conductive materials such as liquids, granules and powders – in direct contact or through container walls. With Smart Level technology, our capacitive sensors even detect for the first time concentrated acids and bases through plastic containers with walls up to 10 mm thick.

Balluff sensors are easy to install and can also be integrated into existing systems without any problems. This ensures that your processes take place not only reliably, but also efficiently and economically.

Application examples

Contact-free detection of levels through container walls
Fill level sensing at bypass pipes
Fill level detection in contact with the media in tanks
Contact-free fill level measurement in tanks
Leak monitoring of overflow chambers