System architecture with IO-Link
System architecture with IO-Link

IO-Link as a basis for continuous process improvement

Almost every system serves its purpose, but the actual scope of its performance, only reveals itself after a certain period of time. For poka-yoke, it is important that the system can be expanded easily and development is cost-effective.

Therefore, a suitable network architecture must be selected during the design and planning phase that meet such requirements.

Balluff provides this network and system technology by means of the open standard IO-Link.

The modularly expandable technology makes the seamless integration of additional devices possible and guarantees the implementation of error prevention and traceability solutions, such as RFID. This expandable technology is important for continuous process improvement.

Because several IO-Link ports remain open, future expansions are also easy and economical to manage. The fieldbus independence is also advantageous.

IO-Link can be implemented in all common control platforms.